THE 2022/2023 SEASON 

Don’t get left out in the cold! Take advantage of our Winter Storage.

Winters can be hard on your golf cart. Do you have a place to store it? Have you winterized your golf car? Winter weather can be extremely hard on your cart. Do you have a place to store it or want to free up space inside your garage for the off-season?

Indian River Golf Cars is here to help…


$189 If You Drop off Your Cart & Pick it UP in the Spring

Winter Storage starts at $209.00 for local pick up, with an additional charge after 5 miles. Indian River Golf Cars offers Pick-up and Delivery for most of the eastern shore within a 50-mile radius. Once you contact us and set up winter storage we will come out to your location and pick up your golf cart or if you chose to drop it off at our shop. Your cart will be winterized by our experienced golf cart techs, who will make sure it is in top-notch shape, our experienced techs will make notes of any repairs that will need to be addressed before returning your cart back in the spring. When spring arrives, call us 72 hours in advance to arrange to have the cart returned to your location, this ensures that we have enough time to have your cart pulled and ready to enjoy in time for the spring weather. June 30th is the deadline for the removal of the cart from storage, an additional fee may apply if keep longer in storage.

When your cart is pickup or dropped off for Winter Storage. Our experienced techs will review your cart and prepare it for storage. Your cart gets Shrink-Wrapped and placed in the storage lot till you require your cart in the spring.
Springtime, After you call us with 72 hours’ notice in advance to have your cart pulled from storage our experienced techs will go over your cart. We will fully service the batteries, check water levels, clean terminals, and fully charge the cart along with addressing any issue noted to be fixed.
After service work has been addressed our experienced tech gives your cart a complete once-over. We give your cart get a light cleaning and air the tires before we return the cart back to you ready to be enjoyed for the season!

Winterization Tips

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Indian River Golf Cars would like to offer some winterization tips to make sure your car runs smoothly in the spring. Battery care is extremely important to increase the life and performance of your golf cart. When your golf car is ready to be stored, the battery terminals should be cleaned. Cleaning the batteries and disconnecting the terminals will help prevent corrosion and self-discharge. We recommend recharging the batteries every 30 days for optimal life and performance. Unplug the next day after recharging.

Electric Golf Car Storage Tips

IRGC recommends the following tips for winter storage keep your Electric carts healthy. Follow these steps when prepping your electric golf cart for winter: Batteries naturally self-discharge. Over time they can fully discharge to a point that you can’t simply plug in the battery charger to get them charged when spring comes. Temperature affects the rate of discharge – the warmer the temp the quicker the discharge

  • Check the Water Levels in all of the battery cells. Use distilled water when filling, covering the plates.
  • Clean the vehicle, Batteries need to be dry and free of any corrosion and debris.
  • Park the vehicle in a covered, dry location
  • Fully charge the battery
  • Check all of the cable connections. They need to be tight and secure.
  • Disconnect the main battery cables
  • Periodically check the charge status – If the cart is left disconnected from the charger, check on it every 30 days and get it fully charged.
  • Check the tire pressure
  • Turn the key switch to the OFF position, remove the key and leave the Forward/Reverse switch in the NEUTRAL position during storage.
  • Turn the power switch under the seat to the TOW position

Gas Golf Car Storage Tips

IRGC recommends the following tips to keep your gas-powered golf cart healthy during long-term storage to avoid corrosion in the engine and buildup of varnish and gum in the carbonator:

  • Raise the rear of the golf car using the jack stands
  • The fuel hose should be disconnected at the fuel tank and the hose plugged
  • Allow the engine to run while depressing the accelerator pedal until it runs out of fuel and shuts off
  • Gasoline additive should be added to the tank
  • Spark plugs should be removed. Pour 1 oz of engine oil into the cylinder and then replace the ground spark plug wire and spark plug. Turn on the engine to distribute the oil
  • Connect the fuel line to the tank. The car should be driven for a few minutes to circulate the additive through the carburetor
  • Change the oil while the engine is still warm

 Lithium Golf Car Battery Tips

  • All you need to do for winter storage of your lithium battery is to fully charge it
  • Unplug the golf cart charger and store the golf cart


When it comes to golf cart enclosures, Indian River Golf Cars has a wide variety of options for you to choose from. From top-of-line enclosures, Over-the-Top enclosures, to Track style golf cart enclosures we’ve got an option to fit any enthusiast’s needs.